2020-10-08 - v0.9.0

  • unified live-system initial RAM disk using Busybox
  • added support for Debian / Ubuntu
  • restored support for legacy / BIOS boot
  • added feature to enable ISO flash on USB devices (ISO in now hybrid)
  • Xorriso (GRUB dependency) is now required (removed CdrTools & CdrKit support)

2020-07-29 - v0.8.4

  • minor cosmetic fixes
  • Slackware: removed autologin support when using xdm

2020-07-03 - v0.8.3

  • fixed --home and --grub actions
  • improved quick-start documentation

2020-06-24 - v0.8.2

  • fixed --usb action

2020-06-16 - v0.8.1

  • new web site generator and logo
  • added confirmation request before performing a destructive operation

2020-04-03 - v0.8

  • removed support for BIOS/CSM firmware, MsDOS/Intel partitionned disks and 32 bits systems, resulting in simplified live boot system & partionning (now GPT/EFI-64 only)
  • installing on USB device can now be done manually by file copy
  • new optional parameter for --usb action to choose system partition size
  • added sys=Label:path boot option (defaults to LiveSystem/linomad), nfsroot boot option was also renamed to sys
  • now use UUID in /etc/fstab
  • simplified GRUB configuration (no more font or background)
  • added support for install device with different name than sda (nvme0n1 for example)
  • --home action does not attempt to format partition any more
  • removed --sysprep action
  • removed -auto option for --install action (install EFI GRUB anyway)

2019-09-05 - v0.7.7

  • now setup both i386 and x86_64 grub (if available) on live devices
  • added target option to --grub action
  • now support concurrent --usb actions
  • replaced blkid, fdisk and gdisk info commands by lsblk
  • replace gdisk with sgdisk (more appropriate for non interactive partitionning)
  • fixed grub-mkconfig / os-prober (Windows detection)

2019-02-26 - v0.7.6

  • fixed too small tmpfs size for /tmp mount point during install
  • setup EFI partition during install
  • improved home action (more secure & reliable) and fixed default secondary groups strings
  • added white-box tests for home action
  • Slackware: restored autologin support when using xdm

2018-11-04 - v0.7.5:

  • added support for persistent WiFi setup between USB live system reboots
  • Slackware: minor fix to follow slackware-current changes in rc.M
  • Slackware: fixed bad /home unmounting on USB live systems (by killing processed and adding sync and delay)

2018-04-04 - v0.7.4:

  • on install, /etc/fstab now contains an entry for mounting /tmp in RAM
  • WiFi (NetworkManager) parameters are now copied during install
  • added new build action to setup /home mount point, user login and password

2018-02-04 - v0.7.3:

  • better merge of /etc/{passwd,shadow,group} and /etc/ (--sysprep)
  • no more profile update (/etc/skel -> /home/*), since it could overwrite config files (sysprep)

2017-11-25 - v0.7.2:

  • Arch: fixed --init action
  • minor cosmetic fixes (help / error messages)

2017-08-31 - v0.7.1:

  • fixed OverlayFS union and work directories in build script (for --sysprep)
  • fixed filesystem check command when copying file system on USB partition (caused formatting)
  • fixed /etc/fstab generation when installing live system (tmpfs@/dev/shm was missing)

2017-01-12 - v0.7

  • added Arch Linux support
  • added support for genisoimage
  • fixed Slackware support (was untested)
  • added LZO compression method (fastest)
  • persistent homes must now be on a separate partition (safer for unmounting) - created by default when partitionning
  • changed GRUB background image and font, removed default theme and added support for gfxterm
  • removed persistent changes feature
  • removed fixed partition detection (and useswap feature)
  • no more copytoram, fastboot, include, rootpw and runlevel boot parameters
  • default install prefix is now /usr/local


  • since 2017, Live-System (rename)
  • since 2010, Slackware-Live (Slackware live system build script, extracted from LiNomad)
  • since 2004, LiNomad (customized Slackware live system - like ZenLive - not distributed)